Chinese resources

A regularly-updated list of language resources to help kickstart your studies.

Apps for learning Chinese

Pleco dictionary is the best dictionary out there and displays words in simplified and traditional.
SuperChinese – learn Chinese with visual stories and spaced repetition
Du Chinese – reading practice
HSKOnline – specifically for HSK prep but is full of content!

Useful Chinese videos on my channel

Chinese textbooks

These are all books I have used before (except those marked with an asterisk).

Berlitz Basic Mandarin Chinese 
Integrated Chinese*
New Practical Chinese Reader (PDF)
Review of An A to Z Grammar for Chinese learners (Traditional Chinese)
A Practical Chinese Grammar (oldie but a goldie!)

Resources specific to Traditional Chinese

Prefer to take a Chinese course or study with a tutor?

Cambridge basic Chinese online course

iTalki – get $10 credits after booking your first lesson with a tutor! Find a native Chinese-speaking tutor and book affordable language lessons online. I use italki* for Chinese and having a tutor helps me improve much faster than I would if I were studying alone. Feel free to ask me about my italki experiences!

*These are affiliate links, which mean you get a discount and I get a small percentage if a purchase is made. A win-win situation! Thank you for your support. 

Want to study Chinese in a China at a beautiful school in the mountains? Yangshuo Omeida Academy in the heart of China offers intensive lessons to people looking for a well-rounded learning experience.

Use my code LindieBotes to get a RMB200 discount on tuition!*

Miscellaneous resources

Fun China World: game-based platform for learning Chinese language and culture. You’re immersed in a virtual China where you can do quests, interact with characters and explore culture. 
Wordbrewery sentences with vocabulary from news (many languages)
100 most frequent characters 
BBC Chinese
Reddit Chinese forum
Taiwanese Mandarin vs Mainaland Chinese video

The best app for Chinese: Lingodeer

If you’re looking to improve your Chinese rapidly, I suggest Lingodeer! Lingodeer is great for beginners to upper intermediate learners. You can even switch between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. It has…

– video lessons
– grammar explanations
– fun games
– flashcards
– pronunciation guides
– vocabulary in the context of useful sentences
– gamification and levels so you stay motivated

And the best thing is it’s not just for Chinese – you can learn a ton of other languages there too!

You can get 15% discount on a Lingodeer subscription (one month, a year or a lifetime – up to you!) if you use my discount code LINDIE15 upon checkout. Don’t worry, I will never recommend anything I don’t personally use or trust! I made a review here, although the app has updated and improved a lot since this video.

Chinese content on YouTube

YoYoChinese (one of my favorite Chinese-teaching channels)
Learn Chinese with Litao
HSK Exam Prep
HSK Academy
Chinese Zero to Hero
Mr Yang (he teaches English to Chinese speakers but is super funny)

Mamahuhu (really funny channel)
Namewee (Malaysian Chinese entertainer)
XiaoYu (Taiwanese vlogger)

My Chinese & Cantonese playlist on Spotify


Need more inspiration?

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