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Hungarian resources

Hungarian textbooks

Colloquial Hungarian
Assimil Hungarian
MagyarOK – the website has extra downloads and resources too
Lonely Planet Hungarian phrasebook
Lépésenként magyarul – I use this textbook. It’s only in Hungarian so you might need a tutor or someone to check your work. Use the website to download audio files and worksheets to go along with the book!

Hungarian websites & forums

Hungarianpod101 – audio and video lessons
Hungarianreference – awesome grammar guide
Let’s Learn Hungarian – blog with some grammar notes and tips (not updated anymore)
Hungarotips – probably the ugliest website you’ll see in your life but it’s jam-packed with content and lessons for all levels
Learn101 Hungarian
MagyarOra – lots of worksheets and downloads
Hungarian subreddit
Hungarian on Duolingo FB page
Daily Magyar
Some resources are listed in this forum comment on Duolingo

How I learn Hungarian

Apps to learn Hungarian

Mondly Hungarian (see screenshot) – daily activities (I bought the pro version so I can use their “chat bot” – the pronunciation is pretty natural and I learn lots of phrases from there!) 
Useful for learning phrases, filler words, prepositions and vocabulary in context in a gamified format.
Drops Hungarian – good for learning vocabulary; no example sentences
Duolingo – lessons 

Hungarian lessons & courses

My Hungarian Spotify playlist!

Language exchange

Affordable language tutors that you can book according to your schedule. I use italki often for speaking practice. Get $10 credits after you book your first lesson with a tutor using my affiliate link.

HelloTalk app to meet Hungarian native speakers and practice with.

How to have a successful language exchange

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