Hi, I'm Lindie, a multilingual YouTuber, language coach and UX designer.

My background

I was born in South Africa, and grew up in Pakistan, France, the UAE and Japan, and now I’m in Singapore. I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities that language offers to break down barriers and connect with people. As such, my passion in life is learning languages, and sharing my methods with others.

What I do

Since 2009, I have immersed myself in languages and developing efficient learning methods. Since then, I’ve learned over 10 languages to varying levels, appeared on international news in Hungarian, Korean, English and Afrikaans, spoken at multiple conferences, coached over 50 people in language learning and mindsets, and even built my own language app

I share my language process and progress on YouTube to an audience of over 297K, and run a Monthly Language Roundup newsletter to over 3,700 subscribers. On the side, I enjoy coaching language learners on time management and productivity.  

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say hi!

Language interests

Native: Afrikaans & English
Proficient: Korean (TOPIK 5), Japanese (N3), French
Intermediate: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
Beginner: Hungarian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Dutch, German

Featured in:

I also design language learning apps.

Since August 2021, I’ve been designing a flashcard app for serious language learners. Sign up to be an early user for German here!
I am a volunteer design lead at Polygloss, a language learning app. Currently, I’m building out the design system and mentoring a junior UX designer.
This website
I built this site, and it’s a constant work in progress. If you notice a bug, do let me know!

Public speaking

Bridging languages and tech: stories from a multilingual UX designer
Languages in Science, Lancaster University
International Day of Multilingualism
hosted online by Polyglot Conference
Life in Multiple Languages – with Richard Simcott 
Online speech at a private school in Turkey
Polyglot Conference Global Online
App Design for the World – Considering languages, scripts and digital literacy in interface design
The Bakery UX Lightning Talks
Multilingual UI – Catering for different languages in UI design
2019 & earlier
Women in Language Online conference
Identity Crisis – The ups and downs of living, dating and working in a foreign language
Language lab at DIRCO, South Africa
Presented two workshops on language learning strategies to foreign service diplomats in Pretoria

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