About Lindie

你好! I’m Lindie.

YouTuber, designer, language mentor and MA student in Japanese Aesthetics.

My background 🌎

I was born in South Africa, and have grown up and lived in Pakistan, France, the UAE, Japan, and Singapore. I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities that language offers to break down barriers and connect with people. My passion in life is learning languages, and sharing my methods with others.

Since 2009, I have immersed myself in languages and developing efficient learning methods. Since then, I’ve learned over 10 languages to varying levels, appeared on international news in Hungarian, Korean, English and Afrikaans, spoken at a few language conferences, and mentored over 200 people in language learning and healthy mindsets. 

My love for design and languages 📝

As a multidisciplinary designer focusing on UI/UX and product design, I aim to mix my love of design and languages. I am a co-founder of Wikitongues, a non-profit organization aiming to document all the world’s 7000+ languages, and I help out with their design work sometimes. I am also a co-founder and designer of Kaards, a language learning flashcard app. Other language and design related jobs include having worked as a product designer for Skritter, assisting with design thinking at Memrise, and building a few more language projects on the side.

For a few months in the year, I lecture Information Design at my alma mater. I teach corporate identity and UI/UX design at a 4th year level, incorporating languages with design; creating briefs such as designing language apps and branding solutions for language academies.

A note on social media 📱

Currently, you can find me on YouTube or Medium where I am most active. My Instagram and Twitter accounts are archived but you can still see posts. In 2023, I decided to step away from actively posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Read more about why I quit social media here.


TOPIK Korean Proficiency Exam – Level 5
JLPT Japanese Proficiency Exam – N3
DELF French Proficiency Exam – B2

Selected podcast features

Public speaking

2021-202220202019 and earlier
Bridging languages and tech: Stories from a Multilingual UX designer @ Languages in Science by Lancaster UniversityPolyglot Conference Global OnlineApp Design for the World – Considering languages, scripts and digital literacy in interface designPolyglot Conference, Fukuoka, JapanHolistic Language Learning through Cultural Immersion and Culture shock
International Day of Multilingualism – Hosted by Polyglot Conference Life in Multiple Languages with Richard SimcottThe Bakery UX Lightning Talks: Multilingual UI – Catering for different languages in UI designWomen in Language Online conference Identity Crisis – The ups and downs of living, dating and working in a foreign language
Working with engineers as a UI/UX designer – Talk for Rocket Academy SingaporeLanguage lab at DIRCO, South Africa – Presented two workshops on language learning strategies to diplomats
Finding Your Language Story – Online speech for a private school in Turkey’s language club
Workshop: Build your language study plan (and stick to it) with Preply

Feel free to contact me at hello@lindiebotes.com for speaking opportunities.

Everything on this site has been designed/coded by myself, except for the logo which is by Studio G in Cape Town. As for the site, I try to keep the it as simple as possible, sticking to basic HTML and CSS for screen-reader accessibility, mobile parity and faster loading.