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Polyglot YouTuber and UI/UX designer

Dissolving borders through language learning

About Lindie

I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities that language offers to break down barriers and connect with people. As such, my passion in life is learning languages and figuring out the best way to learn more. 

Since 2009, I have immersed myself in languages and developing efficient learning methods. As a result, I’m fluent in a few languages – but it’s not the number that counts. The process of learning a new skill and exploring new cultures that makes it all worth it.

Despite being a self-confessed language nut, I don’t actually do it full time. I work as a UI/UX designer at a startup in Singapore, so I am fascinated by the intersection of design and languages. I seek ways to advocate for better accessibility and language representation in UX design.

My home language is Afrikaans, and I’m currently focusing on Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hungarian and Japanese while maintaining my French, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. On the side, I’m dabbling in Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, and Hindi.

Public speaking

International Day of Multilingualism
hosted online by Polyglot Conference
Life in Multiple Languages – with Richard Simcott 
Polyglot Conference Global Online
App Design for the World – Considering languages, scripts and digital literacy in interface design
The Bakery UX Lightning Talks
Multilingual UI – Catering for different languages in UI design
2019 & earlier
Women in Language Online conference
Identity Crisis – The ups and downs of living, dating and working in a foreign language
Language lab at DIRCO, South Africa
Presented two workshops on language learning strategies to foreign service diplomats in Pretoria

Podcast features

I don’t have my own podcast (yet!), but I’ve had the opportunity to share my story and language methods on these cool podcasts.

Click on an image to listen.

More than Words – Rosetta Stone

March 2021

What’s the best way to learn a language and what happens in your brain when you do? Hosted by polyglot Alex Rawlings

Language Hacking Podcast

Feb 2021

In conversation with Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy, about transitioning from language learner to language mentor, gaining confidence, and tracking your language progress.

Langpreneur Podcast

Dec 2020

All about running a successful language learning YouTube channel, finding your niche, dealing with trolls and managing a fulltime job while creating langauge content.

Language Mastery

Dec 2020

Tips and tricks for learning Japanese and Korean, as well as a lot of recommended resources and insights into my study methods.

Spongemind Korean

May 2020

How I learnt Korean, tips for studying, and how to maintain motivation when things get difficult.

English version / Korean video version

The Fluent Show

August 2018

Kerstin Cable and I chat about embracing (and disliking?) the language learning community on YouTube, and some language learning advice.

News & media

Television & News

TV2 Hungary: News feature & interview (Hungarian, 2021) 
LifeTV Budapest: 
Live interview (Hungarian, 2021)
KykNet TV: 
eNuus interview (Afrikaans, 2018)
Arirang A Plus: Korean language feature (Korean, 2019)
Film: Portrait of a Polyglot (2013)
Arirang TV: Travel Story Episode 1 (2013)
Weltbilder German: Documentary on TCKs (German, 2020)
The Economic Times (2019)
The Straits Times Singapore – language learners feature (2021)
Cosmopolitan South Africa (2018)

Online interviews

Fluent in 3 Months: Language learning interview (2019)
Our Friends: Japanese poster design feature (2018)
Nak Nak – Content creator interview (Korean, 2019)
Third Culture Kid Project: interview (2019)
Nee’s Language blog: interview (2014)

Youtube & Blogs

Collab videos

Spongemind – Motivation and learning Korean:  English video | Korean video
Spanish Dreaming: Talking about language learning in Spanish
PassionForDreaming: Assassins of Language Learning chat
Steve Kaufman: Enthusiasm in language learning

Blog features

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