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Polyglot YouTuber and UI/UX designer

Dissolving borders through language learning

They say to have another language is to possess another soul. If so, how many souls do polyglots have? And more importantly, what language do we dream in? 

Hi, I’m Lindie, and these aren’t the typical questions that cropped up in my mind on my journey mastering 12-ish languages (although they’re worth thinking about). As a polyglot and Christian, I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities that language offers to break down barriers and connect with people. 

Since 2009, I have immersed myself in languages and developing efficient learning methods. As a result, I’m fluent in a few languages – but it’s not the number that counts. The process of learning a new skill and breaking down cultural barriers is rewarding in itself!  

Despite being a self-confessed language nut, I don’t actually do it full time. I work as a UI/UX designer at a startup in Singapore by day, and I’m as such I am interested in the intersection of design and languages.

And if you really must know, I dream in all languages. And you can too!

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My home language is Afrikaans, and I’m currently focusing on Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, Hungarian and Japanese while maintaining my French, Korean, and Vietnamese. On the side, I’m dabbling in Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, Norwegian, Burmese, and Hindi.

I enjoy sharing about language learning both online and in person. I post videos weekly on my YouTube channel where I share my progress, tips and struggles. In 2012 and 2018, I gave presentations to diplomats at the Department of International Relations in Pretoria, South Africa. Thereafter in 2019, I had the privilege of speaking at the annual Women In Language online seminar and at the Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka, Japan. 

In 2020 I shared about the importance of languages and scripts in user interface design at Bakery’s UX talks and Polyglot Conference 2020 respectively.

News & media

Television & News

KykNet TV: eNuus interview (Afrikaans, 2018)
Arirang A Plus: Korean language feature (Korean, 2019)
Film: Portrait of a Polyglot (2013)
Arirang TV: Travel Story Episode 1 (2013)
Weltbilder German: Documentary on TCKs (German, 2020)
The Economic Times (2019)
Cosmopolitan South Africa (2018)

Online interviews

Fluent in 3 Months: Language learning interview (2019)
Our Friends: Japanese poster design feature (2018)
Nak Nak – Content creator interview (Korean, 2019)
Third Culture Kid Project: interview (2019)
Nee’s Language blog: interview (2014)

Youtube & Blogs

Collab videos

Spongemind – Motivation and learning Korean:  English video | Korean video
Spanish Dreaming: Talking about language learning in Spanish
PassionForDreaming: Assassins of Language Learning chat
Steve Kaufman: Enthusiasm in language learning

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