Hi, I'm Lindie Botes, a multi-passionate creator who loves languages and UX design.

I blog about language learning, UI/UX design, life, and healthy mindsets. I help language learners balance languages and life, and help language apps improve their user experiences.

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October language learning recap

Here’s how it went with my language learning progress in October 2022. I spent most of my time (13.5 hours) learning Thai, and also a little bit of passive Arabic and Hungarian learning. So far so good!

I grew in confidence from 0 to 100 thanks to language learning

Language learning gave me confidence from 0 to 100 and this is how I did it. Starting out from a shy high school girl who could barely talk to someone to becoming a speaker at international language events and live TV…here’s how languages got me to where I am.

How to learn multiple languages at once – the best tips

How to learn more than one language at once? Here are some tips on how to learn many languages at the same time! There are a number of ways to go about it and the progress looks different however you do it, but it’s definitely possible. The important thing is to pace yourself and find what works best for your schedule.

Build better language habits

The ultimate guide to building a language learning habit

Let me share how successful language learners seem to learn so fast, get more done and appear smarter than struggling language learners. They set habits that are easy to stick to, and adjust their routines accordingly.

5 things to do for setting goals and habits, and sticking to them:
Habit stacking
Creating a schedule for the week
Using a language planner
Setting an anchor in your week
Adjusting your routine accordingly

Life updates and a new support channel

Not gonna lie… it’s been the worst month. 🥲 Car hijacking and mom’s health A month ago, my car was broken into and hotwired. The thieves realized we had a tracker but couldn’t find it and just left the car there and escaped.  I was parked at the gym, and they got in by putting a bag over the security guard’s head and holding a gun to his head, saying they’ll shoot him if he makes a noise. They dropped him off in a field 20 minutes away. Luckily he

Ebook for sale

Get my writing guide full of prompts and tips!

Regardless of which level you are in the language(s) you’re learning, this guide will be useful for you! 

It’s packed with 112 writing prompts and activities, writing tips, a 7-step guide to success, and resources that will help you get the most out of your writing. 

You’ll also get a discount code to book a personalized call with me!

This is me!

About Lindie

Based in South Africa, I’m a senior product designer at Solvers by day, co-founder of Kaards.io and designer at Skritter by night. 

I run a YouTube channel about language learning to an audience of 310K, as well as a monthly newsletter to 4000 subscribers. 

On the side, I coach language learning techniques to self-study learners, and help language apps solve their problems through UX consultations. 

I speak English, Afrikaans, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Malay and Dutch to varying levels, and I’m always keen to dabble in new languages and share my methods here on my blog!

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