Hi! I'm Lindie.

I'm a language coach, YouTuber and designer, helping people succeed at balancing language learning and life.

Here's my story.

I used to have zero confidence. In high school, I was extremely shy and could only speak my home languages, Afrikaans and English. I thought languages were just boring school subjects.
Once I discovered the joy that comes from interacting with people from new cultures and the benefits that learning new languages bring, I couldn’t stop! I started self-studying over 10 languages to varying levels. With each language, I grew in confidence and honed in my methods.
Since then, I’ve worked as a designer at a Japanese-speaking agency, spoken on live TV in Hungarian, held workshops for diplomats, kids and adults to learn languages, built my own language app, shared all my language learning methods and mindsets on YouTube and grew my channel to over 279K subscribers.

I'm here to show you that you can do it too!

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Make language learning a part of your life.

I’ve found ways learn multiple languages and combine it with my job as a designer, and I’m here to show you that it’s not impossible to learn one language, let alone 10! 

There’s no cookie-cutter method to success, but there are proven techniques and mindsets that can help you learn. Language learning is a lifelong, personal journey. Come along for the ride!

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Finally, I compiled a list of all my favorite books! Here’s the new page where you can see what I’m reading. But for those curious, my Goodreads profile will have all my current reads.


I am so excited to share the language learning app that I’ve been building since last August, called Kaards! We are officially open for early ups here

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