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Best Tagalog textbooks for various levels

Easy Tagalog

For beginners

I use this book as my main study resource. It has a comic and a dialogue at the beginning of each chapter, vocabulary and grammar lists, and exercises. The back has a handy dictionary too.

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Elementary Tagalog

For beginners to intermediate

This book comes with an MP3 CD for listening practice and is good if you enjoy grammar explanations and lots of example sentences. The layout is a little boring, but serious learners won’t mind as the content is solid.

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Apps for Tagalog

Main apps I use

Learn Tagalog with Master Ling app – 7 days free trial! This is my main app for learning Tagalog. It has a ton of other languages too. Lots of lessons filled with grammar and vocabulary so you can progress through levels.

Useful for learning phrases, filler words, prepositions and vocabulary in context in a gamified format.

Drops – a little bland because it’s only vocabulary without context, but good for people wanting to explore the language and learn some new vocabulary on the go.

Vocly – Vocabulary lessons and games for beginners. I use this app a lot!

Tobo Filipino – Not the best interface, but has some useful vocabulary and some games to try in the free version.

Ling app has a chatbot!

Websites for learning Tagalog

The bulk of my Tagalog learning comes from weekly lessons on italki with a tutor. Lessons are affordable and you can choose a tutor based on your time availability and price range. My tutor is Regina. Readers of my website get $10 free italki credits after booking a first lesson if you sign up here.

Learn Tagalog 101
A basic website with some greetings, vocabulary and phrases. Good for anyone exploring the language without any background yet.

Tagalog Grammar
A really old website, but nice if you want some in-depth grammar explanations and example sentences. 

A useful Twitter thread about grammar

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