Language learning resource recommendations

italki is an excellent platform to get affordable, one on one tutoring lessons with native speakers.

Get $10 USD in italki credits after your first $20 spend.

LingoPie – the Netflix of language learning. Learn a language via original movies and shows through clickable, bilingual subtitles. I have been using Lingopie for Spanish, German and Italian and can highly recommend it to those looking for content to watch.

FREE: Toucan for Chrome. Learn a language more fácilmente. Immerse yourself in a new idioma while you browse the web. I use the Toucan extension to see new vocabulary words on my screen on any web page. Available for Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese and more.

Preply is quickly becoming my favorite language tutoring platform. I use it to learn Thai. One of my favorite features is the in-lesson counter that tells you how long you spent speaking. Preply has tons of languages you can learn online! Use code LINDIE50 for 50% off your first trial lesson.

Du Chinese is one of the coolest apps out there for learning Chinese naturally through reading and audio. I use it especially for the context-rich stories and sentence translations.

The app is free to try, but some lessons need a subscription – use my code LINDIE10 for a 10% discount. Available on Android & iOS!

Speakly is my FAVORITE app for European languages out there. Full of speaking activities, just the right amount of vocabulary each day, and a stunning design. Get 40% discount on Speakly with these codes:

I use Skritter to learn Traditional and Simplified Hanzi (Chinese characters) as well as Japanese Kanji.

Get 10% off a subscription by signing up on the desktop website here. Then you can download any of the mobile apps. 

The discount code is already applied on the link!

More languages than Duolingo? Ling is one of my favorite language learning apps because of the variety of languages available, especially rare ones!

Ling has vocabulary with audio, conversation practice, a chatbot and more. Get 7 days free on a year subscription of Ling below.

*Discount only works for a year subscription

10% discount on Clozemaster!

Get fluent faster by learning and practicing 66+ languages in the context of sentences with audio.

Just enter the code LINDIEBOTES for 10% discount when purchasing Pro via the website.

Study Chinese in a beautiful part of China at Yangshuo Omeida Academy! Click here for more info and be sure to use my discount code “LindieBotes” to get a 200 RMB discount on tuition. 

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