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iTalki is an excellent platform to get affordable, one on one tutoring lessons with native speakers.

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More languages than Duolingo? Ling is one of my favorite language learning apps because of the variety of languages available, especially rare ones!

Ling has vocabulary with audio, conversation practice, a chatbot and more. Get 7 days free on a subscription of Ling here.

Du Chinese is one of the coolest apps out there for learning Chinese naturally through reading and audio. I use it especially for the context-rich stories and sentence translations.

The app is free to try, but some lessons need a subscription – use my code LINDIE10 for a 10% discount. Available on Android & iOS!

Toucan for Chrome. Learn a language more fácilmente. Immerse yourself in a new idioma while you browse the web. I use the Toucan extension to see new vocabulary words on my screen on any web page.

I use Skritter to learn Traditional and Simplified Hanzi (Chinese characters) as well as Japanese Kanji.

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I use Morningfame to track the effectiveness of my YouTube videos and learn more about keywords, performance and audience analytics. Click on the button below and get 1 month free of this awesome service.

Study Chinese in a beautiful part of China at Yangshuo Omeida Academy! Click here for more info and be sure to use my discount code “LindieBotes” to get a 200 RMB discount on tuition.