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Online lessons for Spanish

Todo Claro learn and practice multiple levels
Amauta Spanish exercises and culture
Happy Hour Spanish courses and resources
italki – get $10 credits free after you book your first lesson. I take Spanish conversational classes on italki each Monday. 
Duolingo Stories
Spain Spanish on Memrise
Mexico Spanish on Memrise

Resources for Spanish
4 Months Spanish progress

Apps to learn Spanish

Speakly is my FAVORITE app for Spanish. Full of speaking activities, just the right amount of vocabulary each day, and a stunning design. Get 40% discount on Speakly for Spanish with the code LINDIEBOTES2.

Download Speakly for Android
Download Speakly for iOS

Other apps:
Clozemaster for fill-in the blank practice
ConjuGato for verb conjugation
Mondly Spanish
Forge Spanish

YouTube channels & Netflix for Spanish

YouTube channels
Dreaming Spanish
Mextalki to learn Mexican Spanish 
Paula Simple for minimalism

Netflix shows
Gran Hotel

Spanish book recommendations

Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate Learners – I use this and it’s a great way to learn natural Spanish through fun stories!
Spanish Short Stories for Beginners if you want to start somewhere a bit easier
Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar book which I currently use

Websites & extensions

SpanishDict dictionary
Spanish pronunciation guide
Useful phrasesCoffee Break Spanish podcast
Eltichersito – a blog run by a Spanish-speaking French learner

Toucan is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you learn Spanish and other languages through immersion. It some English words on a page to Spanish for you, to seamlessly integrate into your daily browsing experience. I use the Toucan extension all the time and switch it up between French and Spanish. 

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My Spanish playlist

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