Lindie Botes has been featured on…

Television & News
TV2 Hungary: News feature & interview (Hungarian, 2021) 
LifeTV Budapest: Live interview (Hungarian, 2021)
Kheng We Talk episode interview (English, 2020)
KykNet TV: eNuus interview (Afrikaans, 2018)Arirang A Plus: Korean language feature (Interview in Korean, 2019)
Film: Portrait of a Polyglot (2013)
Arirang TV: Travel Story Episode 1 (2013)
Weltbilder German: Documentary on TCKs (German, 2020)
The Economic Times (2019)
The Straits Times Singapore – language learners feature (Print, 2021)
Cosmopolitan South Africa Interview (Online, 2018)
Online interviews

Fluent in 3 Months: Language learning interview (2019)
Our Friends: Japanese poster design feature (2018)
Nak Nak – Content creator interview (Korean, 2019)
Third Culture Kid Project: interview (2019)
Nee’s Language blog: interview (2014)

Collab videos

Spongemind – Motivation and learning Korean:  English video | Korean video
Spanish Dreaming: Talking about language learning in Spanish
Steve Kaufman: Enthusiasm in language learning
Richard Simcott: Korean language learning advice
Lina Vasquez: Maintaining Multiple Languages
Robin MacPherson: A chat in Japanese
English with Camille: Polyglot Talk
PassionForDreaming: Assassins of Language Learning chat
Richard Simcott: A language chat

Blog features

Joy of Languages: 50 Extraordinary Women In Language
Neoreach Top 10 Language Learning YouTube channels
Teach Yourself + IWTYAL Short Stories Collaboration
Japanese Language Learning Hacks feature
Babbel Magazine
Preply – 15 Famous Polyglots & Their Methods