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Best Korean textbooks for various levels

Korean Grammar for Speaking 2

For intermediate

One of my favorite grammar textbooks. Simple layout with lots of vocabulary and activities.

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Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate

For intermediate

The best Korean grammar textbook I’ve used for years! The activities are fun the pages are wonderfully designed.

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Korean Made Simple by Go! Billy Korean

For beginners

Billy is a Korean learner of many years and his content is catered to beginners who self-study.

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Yonsei Korean 1

For beginners

I used this when I just started learning Korean and it was a really solid guide to get started. It’s made by a Korean university so you can be sure the content is great.

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Tuttle Basic Korean

For beginner & intermediate

Good if you enjoy in-depth grammar explanations, lots of example sentences, and solid grammar explanations. A little boring, but full of information for serious learners.

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Korean Grammar in Use Advanced

For advanced

Excellent grammar points that are more advanced and can help you prepare for TOPIK2. This is the one I currently use and I enjoy the exercises in the book.

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Websites for learning Korean

Lots of podcasts and lesson transcripts for various Korean levels. Somewhat spammy marketing, but solid content which I’ve been using for years.

Pathway to Korean
Free beginner lessons online from Ohio State University.

Talk To Me In Korean 
The ultimate Korean resource. They have podcasts, free lessons, textbooks, videos, the whole shabang.

How To Study Korean 
One of the most comprehensive sites out there, although sentences can sometimes sound a little robotic. Use it as you like but remember to use a mix of resources!

Sogang Korean Course 
Are you stuck in the early 2000s? Would you like a useful resource with a really… retro design? Sogang Korean is the site for you.

Online Korean lessons with expert teachers as well as a great range of learning resources to help you study more effectively.

More resources on Optilingo

Study tips & resource reviews

Apps for Korean


Learn Korean with Master Ling app – 7 days free trial!

Teaches Korean grammar points.

Learn how to write Hangul

Intermediate +

App to learn Korean by reading

Audioclip app
Listen to Korean content for free 

Useful for learning phrases, filler words, prepositions and vocabulary in context in a gamified format.


Hands down, the best dictionary for Korean learners is Naver Dictionary. If you download the app, you’ll get awesome content like videos, dialogues, Kpop content, daily phrases and more. You can also use the mobile website if you prefer. It’s pretty robust and is clearly geared at Korean learners.

Naver also has a translator called Papago. You can use the audio feature to listen to a native pronunciation. It’s awesome! 

Screenshot of the Korean dictionary app, Naver Dictionary
Naver dictionary app

Naver Audioclip app for podcasts

Pronunciation & Hangul


Hangeul Master on Amazon: textbook from TTMIK

Learn Hangul on HowtostudyKorean

Korean pronunciation guide
for the IPA system

Forvo allows you to type a word and listen to how it’s pronounced

Notebooks for Hangul practice

Improve your handwriting using Korean Wongoji paper:

Blue notebook on Amazon
Brown notebook on Amazon

Notebook review video

Video guides

Add a little touch of Korean in your life

Check out some of my custom-designed Korean items on Society6 to stock up on fresh language learning supplies, phone cases, stickers and more!

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Useful Korean videos

Language YouTube channel

Podcasts, radio & music

KBS World Let’s Learn Korean
Stream Korean radio
KBS News app
Red Book Cafe
라디오 다이어리 그 남자 그 여자 Calm radio diary from male & female perspectives
If you’re a UI/UX designer like me, you’ll love Design Table (no English translation)
Podbang for podcasts

My K-indie playlist

Korean praise

Miscellaneous resources


90 Day Korean blog
Intermediate College Korean
Naver web novels
Naver webtoons
Hangul to Hanja translator
Handbook of Korean Vocabulary

Language exchange

Affordable language tutors that you can book according to your schedule. I use italki often for speaking practice. Get $10 credits after you sign up and book your first lesson here.

HelloTalk app to meet native speakers and practice with.

YouTube channels

Korean Unnie
Go! Billy Korean
Minji Teaches Korean
Conversational Korean

How to make the most out of a language exchange:

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