Can you relate?

Do you feel overwhelmed with language learning routines and methods? Not sure where to begin or which resources are the best for you to use? 

Do you dream of becoming a language YouTuber or blogger but are unsure how to start? 

Do you suffer from comparison online? Would you like to cultivate healthy language learning habits and mindsets? Struggle to balance work or school while learning a language? 

If any of this resonated, booking a coaching call can help!

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Language learning mentoring

Ideal for language learners looking to elevate and improve their learning. Book one or multiple sessions – up to you!

⟶ this is for you if…

This is the perfect session for you if you’d like to talk about anything surrounding your language learning. This can be how to get started, making schedules, setting goals, the right resources, balancing multiple languages, staying motivated, etc!

⟶ what you’ll get

A 30 minute, focused video call where we discuss your issue and I offer personalised, guided help to tackle it.

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YouTube / blog / social media strategy

⟶ this is for you if…

If you’re new to the world of content creation, YouTube and Instagram, having a strategy and game plan is the best thing you can do to set yourself on the right track. I’ve been doing YouTube and blogging for years and can help you learn how to find a niche, post regular content, and discover the right tools to brand, market and create content that adds value.

⟶ what you’ll get

A 45-minute, video call consultation where we go through your current social media or map out a new social media plan for your YouTube, blog or Instagram.

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For current or new content creators who want to solidify their brand, find a niche & make regular, value-adding content.

Frequently asked questions

how can coaching benefit me?

If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just don’t know where to begin with learning a language (or creating your own blog or YouTube channel), a coaching call can help bring clarity and guidance. I’ve been learning languages for over a decade and have tried multiple techniques, resources, schedules and methods and I will pass these on to you in our calls.

how personalised is it?

My coaching calls are completely personalised, since I understand that there is no one-size-fits all approach to language learning. Before the call, you can write in to tell me what you’d like to discuss and I’ll approach the call with advice, mindsets and tips personally catered to you.

What’s your experience?

I’ve learnt over 12 languages to varying levels and am actively learning 8 languages, so I’ve explored numerous methods and techniques for success. My YouTube channel has over 276,000 subscribers and I regularly post content on my blog, Instagram and Newsletter, so I’m happy to share my tips on how you can start your content creation or language learning journey.

I have been tutoring foreign languages since 2012, but transitioned from language tutoring to coaching in 2020. Although I do not have a formal certificate in coaching, I have years of experience in public speaking, running a YouTube channel full of helpful language tips, and offering advice to numerous language learners. If you’re not sure if we’ll be a good fit, feel free to book a 15 minute chat first!

where are calls held and for how long?

Calls are held on the stable, in-built video platform hosted by Superpeer. It’s safe and you won’t need to give me any of your personal details. Calls are 30 minutes each, but the service won’t cut us off if we keep talking after then.

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Do I have to commit a lot?

Coaching can be as casual and as serious as you like. You can book one session, or you can continue with regular coaching calls with me. Most people book 2-3 coaching calls across the span of a month or two so that we go deeper, stay accountable, and check in on progress updates, but you’re under no obligation to book more than one call.

How much is a call?

My prices are set on Superpeer, the platform that I use to host calls. Prices are specific to the type of calls I host there.

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is it safe and private?

You don’t need to reveal any personal information such as your full name, number or location to me. Our calls are kept strictly confidential, and Superpeer is a trusted and safe platform used by many creators and experts.