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French language resources

Great French textbooks for all levels

Short Stories in French for Beginners

For beginners to lower intermediate

This is a wonderful collection of interesting stories in French, with vocabulary lists and comprehension questions. I have it in Spanish and Arabic too! 

Easy French Step-by-Step

For beginners

Fantastic book for anyone starting out with French. An oldie but a goodie, with lots of illustrations and engaging activities. 

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar

For intermediate

A trustworthy resource for French grammar lessons and activities. The book is full of examples and is really a treasure to have as a French learner. I love this series so much that I also have it in Spanish and Japanese.

Websites for learning French

Savoirs – Amazing website with recent news articles for you to learn French through audio and exercises. For intermediate+ learners.

italki – $10 credits after your first lesson booking if you sign up here
French lessons 1 on 1 with a tutor of your choice, time and price range. There are French tutors from various Francophone countries if you want to learn a specific accent, too. I’ve been using italki for many years now and it’s at the core of my language learning!

Resource list for French written in French. Includes lists of YouTubers, TV channels and online dictionaries

Learn French with Alexa – Paid video lessons, some blog posts about learning

Apps to learn French with

Hands down THE BEST language app for French out there. Full of speaking activities, just the right amount of vocabulary each day, and a beautiful interface! I am a huge fan. Use code LINDIEBOTES3 for a 40% discount on a Speakly subscription.
Download Speakly for Android
Download Speakly for iOS

Useful for learning phrases, filler words, prepositions and vocabulary in context in a gamified format.

Busuu – Fantastic for all levels of French. Lots of activities and listening as well as themed vocabulary and a progress/fluency tracker. 

Memrise – a powerful app that’s been around for a while. Memory-based learning at its best (I mean, it was created by a memory master guy!) They recently added videos and better audio, too!

Reviewing Speakly

Learn French by immersion

Toucan - free extension

Toucan is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you learn French and other languages through immersion. It changes some English words on a page to French for you, to seamlessly integrate into your daily browsing experience. I use the Toucan extension all the time and switch it up between French, Japanese and Spanish. 

Write your French notes in these!

Check out some of my custom-designed stationery on Society6 to stock up on fresh language learning supplies.

How I'm learning French

Here’s a video that goes into depth about my French learning process as an intermediate learner. I focus on 3 things that I do to maintain and improve my French.

French YouTube

For learning French
InnerFrench – My favorite channel for intermediate learners. About a range of topics presented by a native speaker
Learn French with Alexa – various video lessons
Easy French – amazing channel which you can use for shadowing and learning native pronunciation. They go out on the streets and ask people questions about a specific topic

Native French content
Search term: Bilan culturel – lots of YouTubers have these videos monthly where they review books, movies and media.
Quartier du Livre – Run by Chloe who is a French booktuber
Solange te Parle – one of the most popular French channels. Vlogs and chats by Solange
Cyprien – A popular French comedian
My friend Ally runs a YouTube channel about learning Japanese, but a few of her videos are in French!

Podcasts & music

For learning French
News in Slow French – for beginners to advanced!
Coffeebreak French – Short 20min lessons
Innerfrench – For intermediates. My personal favorite!
Duolingo French Podcast

Native French content
Parlons Design – French podcast about product design & UI/UX
Ma Langue au chat podcast – For intermediate+ learners. About various interesting topics, for French kids aged 6-9.
Overbooké? J’ai un plan – About time management and productivity

My French playlist