Vietnamese resources

Note: most resources teach Northern accent Vietnamese. The Southern accent is rather different, but resources like SVFF will focus specifically on one accent. I suggest choosing an accent first before studying.

Online courses and apps
iTalki – get $10 credit on your first lesson with a tutor!
Lingodeer Vietnamese – Use code LINDIE20 for 20% discount on an annual subscription
Vietnamese with Master Ling app

Search for a word’s pronunciation
Basic phrases with audio
WikiTravel phrasebook
A PDF on Final Particles in Vietnamese
Vietnamese particles on Wikitionary
Should you learn Southern or Northern Vietnamese? Article
Vietnamese/English Dictionary project
120 common words with audio
Learn Basic Vietnamese phrasebook PDF
Vietnamese bible
Exercises (upper beginner)
Vietnamesepod vocab lists
Watch Vietnamese TV
Duolingo unofficial notes and tips

YouTube channels and websites
Southern Vietnamese For Foreigners YouTube channel
SVFF Facebook page
Learn Vietnamese YouTube channel (Southern accent; not active anymore)
Learn Vietnamese with Annie
DinoLingo Vietnamese for Kids
Vietglish Fun (comedy)
Happy Hanoi Learn Vietnamese online course
Vietnamese courses on Memrise bilingual articles
Grammar lessons blog
Tieng Viet Oi

Vietnamese pop culture and music (intermediate ~ advanced learners)
FAP Tivi
BBC News in Vietnamese

Vietnamese resources in Korean (한국어로 된 베트남어 공부교재)
Article explaining particles
Vietnamese Naver Cafe
Flash lessons
Video lessons
More video lessons
Learn Korean and Vietnamese YT Channel
Khoa Tieng Viet (KR/VN comedy and language videos)
HanQuocBros (Korean guys making VN videos)


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  1. Hi Lindie! I also want to suggest adding the YouTube channel ‘Tieng Viet Oi’. They have short video lessons and I find them quite helpful. Feel free to check them out!

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