Hello! I’m Lindie, a designer and a language YouTuber based in Singapore, here to share my passion for languages with you. I hope my blog motivates you to learn more efficiently and approach languages without fear. I also tutor languages part time, so if you’re interested in lessons, sign up here!

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Improve your Korean in 6 unique ways

You may have just finished your Korean textbook or passed your first Korean class. Now you feel accomplished but not sure where to go next. You might be bridging the gap from beginner to intermediate, or making your way from intermediate to advanced. Wherever you are in your journey, there are a few things you can incorporate into your day to improve your Korean fast. … Continue reading →


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If you’re able to donate any amount to help me buy a new camera for better language videos on YouTube, please feel free to do so on this link. I will personally write a thank you note to everyone gracious enough to donate. And if you can’t donate – that’s totally OK! I am saving now, and though it might take some time, please know that I care about the quality of my content and will be bringing you better videos soon!

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