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I help language learners integrate languages into their lives through balanced mindsets, clear goals and actionable learning methods.

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Build better language habits

The ultimate guide to building a language learning habit

Let me share how successful language learners seem to learn so fast, get more done and appear smarter than struggling language learners. They set habits that are easy to stick to, and adjust their routines accordingly.

5 things to do for setting goals and habits, and sticking to them:
Habit stacking
Creating a schedule for the week
Using a language planner
Setting an anchor in your week
Adjusting your routine accordingly

Life updates and a new support channel

Not gonna lie… it’s been the worst month. 🥲 Car hijacking and mom’s health A month ago, my car was broken into and hotwired. The thieves realized we had a tracker but couldn’t find it and just left the car there and escaped.  I was parked at the gym, and they got in by putting a bag over the security

Restarting Arabic and overcoming my fears

How I’m re-learning Arabic and getting over my fear of speaking to strangers even as a beginner. I took about 3 years of Arabic classes in middle school when I lived in Dubai. As such, we learned Gulf Arabic. It was exciting but I didn’t spend as much effort on it than I would now. After all, it was before language learning was even a hobby for me.

Hi, I'm Lindie!

I’m a UI/UX designer and YouTuber exploring the intersection of languages and design. I’m currently working on language apps like Skritter and Kaards.

I have learned over 8 languages to varying degrees and enjoy mentoring self-study learners to success through proven methods and balanced mindsets.

Get the ultimate guide to improve your writing in a new language!

What you’ll get:

– Background information on the importance of writing in a foreign language
– Tips for writing if you’re not just ready yet
– A 7-step guide to writing long-form pieces in a new language
– 112 writing activities and writing prompts for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of any language
– Info on the how writing & other skills integrate
– Ideas on where to get corrections on your writing
– A discount code to book a personalized coaching call with me

Regardless of which level you are in the language(s) you’re learning, this guide will be useful as it’s packed with 112 writing prompts and activities, writing tips, a 7-step guide to success, and resources that will help you get the most out of your writing.

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