Hello! My name is Lindie and I’m a South African designer who is passionate about languages. I am here to inspire and motivate you on your journey, and to help you learn languages more efficiently. On this blog, I share tips and tricks, but you’ll find much more of me on Youtube, where I teach languages and show my processes.


After meeting many fellow language enthusiasts online, I started this website to better connect with you all. I am always open for a chat, so send me an email to say hello! If you’d like to collaborate on a project or need me to review or endorse your language-learning products, just send me a message and I’ll respond soon.

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Custom designed merchandise


I design merch with Korean and Japanese words and sayings on them. I hope they can help you create a motivational study space!
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Learn Afrikaans


I’m passionate about promoting my home language, Afrikaans. Apart from running a second YouTube channel teaching the language, I am on a mission to create better resources for Afrikaans learners. So as a gift to you, here is a free PDF with the 100 most common Afrikaans words, full of example sentences.