Hello! My name is Lindie and I’m a designer who is passionate about languages and life. I spent my formative years living and learning in the beautiful, colorful cities of Paris, Islamabad, Dubai, Pretoria and Tokyo. I’d love to share with you my language learning tips and tricks to help you learn languages more effectively and in a more enjoyable manner!

Youtube is where I share my love of languages with the world, and I’m so grateful to have met wonderful fellow polyglots online. I recently started this website to better connect with other language learners. I hope I can inspire and motivate you in your language learning journey! ❤

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Japanese and Korean merchandise


I design merch with Korean and Japanese words and sayings on them. I hope they can spice up your study space!
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A downloadable PDF for Afrikaans learners – the 100 most common words, packed with example sentences.