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I’m Lindie, a polyglot YouTuber based in Singapore. I share language learning tips and resources to help people get inspired and motivated to learn any language. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly videos or check out some blog posts below. Enjoy your stay! 💕 


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How to learn Chinese characters

There are many things you can do to learn Chinese characters. From getting the right textbook to learning the correct stroke order, to pens and apps: here’s your ultimate guide!

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How to learn multiple languages at once

There are many methods you can use and the possibilities are endless! As for the following tips, you can do some or all of these techniques – ultimately it’s about finding the technique that works for you!

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How to study Korean grammar: my method and schedule

Studying grammar shouldn’t be tricky. With a few simple organization, planning and note-taking tips, you can transform the way you study grammar in any language. This post is specifically for Korean, but you can use my methods for any language! Step 1: Get a textbook and note down

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Language goals: 2020 Q1 progress check

At the end of 2019, I set some (pretty lofty) language learning goals for myself. I documented them in a pinned tweet on Twitter so I can keep myself accountable. It’s been a tough year so far (understatement), but it’s good to check in with myself as we’re almost a

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