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Welcome to my blog! Here, you’ll find language learning resources, tips, my process for learning 8+ languages. I also make videos about language learning on my YouTube channel. Enjoy your stay!

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Q2 language learning review

Summary of hours In Q2 2021 (the last 3 months), I started tracking the amount of hours I put into language learning. I wanted to see which languages get


I started an FAQ so that everyone has access to the most common questions I get about languages.

Check out my language resource list (arranged by language) or explore my recommended books on Amazon.

october 2021 spotlight

What I'm up to this month

⟶ reading

I’m reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown in an effort to identify what’s necessary in my life and where I can cut down to make time for what matters.

⟶ learning

I’ve started dabbling in German! I found myself listening to some German music and then decided to play around on Speakly to learn some vocabulary.

⟶ listening

My top 5 artists this month are Future Islands, Justice Der, Bagossy Brothers Company, John van Deusen and Yum Yuck.

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