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  • Should you take a language test?

    Should you take a language test?

    Language exams are useful if you’re looking for a very standard way to prove your level. This is generally when you’re applying for a job in another language. Companies or schools require a certification to see if you can communicate in the language. That being said, I don’t think it’s a true reflection of one’s…

  • My JLPT N3 Results

    So, turns out I forgot my password to access my JLPT results, and I had to email the Japanese embassy, to my embarrassment, to ask for my password. After a few excruciating hours of waiting, I was finally able to access my results. I passed! 

  • How I take notes (cram) for JLPT N3

    How I take notes (cram) for JLPT N3

    So it’s only a few days before the big test, everyone! I made a video yesterday about how I take notes and pretty much cram for the test. I’m not focusing on listening as in all my practice tests, listening is the best aspect, but I really do need to work on vocabulary and Kanji.…

  • How I’m studying for JLPT N3

    How I’m studying for JLPT N3

    こんにちは!I’m taking the JLPT N3 this December. I’ve never taken a JLPT test before, and I’m not sure if my level is near N3, but I have enough time until then to formulate and stick to a good study plan. ☆ Reading practice The Japanese novels I have are limited, but I’m going to make…