Language lessons

Do you just want to practice a language or up your skills? I’ve been tutoring foreign languages for 6 years, and I’d love to help you! For a one-hour Skype lesson, I charge $15. Payment is made through PayPal. All materials are provided and catered specifically to your needs. These are the languages I can help you with:

Afrikaans (beginner – advanced)
English (beginner – advanced)
Korean (beginner – advanced)
Japanese (beginner – intermediate)
French (beginner – intermediate)
Mandarin Chinese (simplified or traditional) (beginner)

Testimonials from students

“Lindie is truly an amazing teacher! Her teaching has helped me advance greatly in Korean. Not only that, but her skills and passion for languages and teaching inspires and motivates me to keep practicing and moving forward. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! 린디씨, 정말 감사해요!~”
– Yahsna, Korean student from South Africa

“We had Lindie as our Japanese teacher for about 1 year. Our weekly lessons were always fun and included grammar, reading, writing and some conversation. We stated not knowing any Japanese at all but after a few lessons we started understanding the basics better. Lindie put a lot of effort into her lessons and always tried to make them fun and interesting by including songs, games and videos. We enjoyed her positive and flexible teaching style. We highly recommend Lindie to anyone interested in learning Japanese. She is a fun and knowledgeable teacher who loves the Japanese language and culture. Having a lesson with Lindie while slowly sipping tea is something we really miss!”
– AJ & Aven (South Africans currently living in Japan)

“Lindie is everything you’d want in a tutor – knowledgeable, patient, kind and genuinely enthusiastic about the languages she teaches. Her teaching style makes it obvious that she has a lot of experience in language tutoring. When I got frustrated with myself during our Korean lessons, she could always find a way to calm me down and get me back on track. Added to that, she’s also a super interesting person and her YouTube videos are fantastic. 린디 화이팅!”
– Saskia, Korean student from South Africa (No picture for privacy)

Design work

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio for a sense of my design style, or visit my design blog for the fun stuff. I charge $35 an hour for all design work, but a custom package can also be made for you if you require multiple products. If you need any of the following done, I’m your girl!

Logos and branding
Corporate identity
UI/UX research
App design (front-end)
Web design (front-end)
Ebook layout
CV / Resume designs
Tshirt designs
YouTube banners, logos and video thumbnails
Icon sets
Books, notebooks and magazines
Stickers and letter sets