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Welcome to my blog! Here, you’ll find language learning resources, tips, my process for learning 8+ languages. I also make videos about language learning on my YouTube channel. Enjoy your stay!

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Making time for languages in a busy day

Many people have the mindset that language learning goes something like: taking classes, doing homework, and practicing now and then when you can. It’s much more than that. It should transform your life and fill your days if you really want to improve. Solid results come from the shift to transforming your daily life to be completely in your target language. Immersion, that is. And I don’t mean traveling to another country!

Should you take a language test?

Language exams are useful if you’re looking for a very standard way to prove your level. This is generally when you’re applying for a job in another language. Companies or schools require a certification to see if you can communicate in the language. That being said, I don’t think it’s a true reflection of one’s level in a language.

How I study Korean vocab for TOPIK

I bought a book called “한국어 벵크 TOPIK 2 한권이면 OK” to prepare me for the test and it came with a smaller handbook for vocabulary, listing all the important words that appear in the textbook. Realising that I can read two pages on the bus on the way to work and two pages on my commute back, I committed to studying 4 pages of vocabulary each day.

How to learn many languages

How to learn multiple languages at once

There are many methods you can use and the possibilities are endless! As for the following tips, you can do some or all of these techniques – ultimately it’s about finding the technique that works for you!


I started an FAQ so that everyone has access to the most common questions I get about languages.

Check out my language resource list (arranged by language) or explore my recommended books on Amazon.

November 2021 spotlight

What I'm up to this month

⟶ reading

I just finished reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown in an effort to identify what’s necessary in my life and where I can cut down to make time for what matters.

⟶ learning

This month is #PolyglotNaNoWriMo, so I’m writing something in Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese in rotation each day.

⟶ listening

My top 5 artists this month are John van Deusen, UQiYO, Morat, Muzi and TOPS.

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