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Hi, I’m Lindie! This is my blog with language learning tips, resources, and general musings and life updates.

I’m passionate about exploring the intersections of languages and design, and do so through product design work for prominent language apps, as well as design and UX coaching online. On the side, I share my love of languages and design at various international language conferences and design events.

Blog posts: language learning, mental health & design

How to get started writing in a new language: 112 writing

Looking to get more out of your writing practice in a new language? Not sure what to write about? Get the writing prompts guide here.

Regardless of which level you are in the language you’re learning, this guide will be useful as it’s packed with 112 writing prompts and activities, writing tips, a 7-step guide to success, and resources that will help you get the most out of your writing.

Do you consider yourself a good language learner?

Have you ever asked yourself this? After speaking at Languages in Science last November, someone in the audience asked me if I consider myself a “good language learner”. I had to pause and think, because it’s not so straightforward to answer.  Have you ever asked yourself, “am I actually a good language learner?”. Or have you ever said to someone else, “you seem like you’re a good learner”. What does this really mean? What do we define by “a good language learner”?. Does a good learner equal someone who becomes

What I’ve learned in 2021: in languages and life

Looking back on the year in general This year has been full of high highs and low lows. First, here are a few small celebrations through numbers. It was a super fun year with regard to language learning, and I enjoyed sharing my progress with you all on YouTube and this blog.  My free monthly language learning roundup newsletter also kicked off in February, and it’s been rewarding to share languages tips and progress with those of you who have subscribed. I also had a great time with mentoring calls on Superpeer, listening to your

A quick guide to encountering and learning Japanese Kanji

How I find and study Kanji For a beginner, I recommend using a structured textbook to learn new kanji. This is a good method because the book is likely to introduce the most common, easiest kanji first, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.  When I started out learning Japanese, I used Japanese for Busy people. I was pleased by how nicely they integrated kanji into the lessons. In the intermediate books, they provide space for you to practice the characters from the lesson.  These days, I learn kanji mostly through reading

Is it possible to learn a new language through watching TV?

Can you learn a language only from TV? Learning languages in only in a classroom environment or by using one textbook can be really boring. With the rise in online lessons and multimedia language learning tools during the pandemic, learning a language through TV certainly is a possible method. A note on methods Various language learning methods should complement each other. One single method should not be your only way of trying to reach fluency. If you ONLY try and learn Spanish, for example, by watching movies and TV, you’ll

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Get my writing guide full of prompts and tips!

Regardless of which level you are in the language(s) you’re learning, this guide will be useful for you! 

It’s packed with 112 writing prompts and activities, writing tips, a 7-step guide to success, and resources that will help you get the most out of your writing. 

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