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I help language learners integrate languages into their lives through balanced mindsets, clear goals and actionable learning methods.

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A quick guide to encountering and learning Japanese Kanji

How I find and study Kanji For a beginner, I recommend using a structured textbook to learn new kanji. This is a good method because the book is likely to introduce the most common, easiest kanji first, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.  When I started out learning Japanese, I used Japanese for Busy people. I was pleased by how nicely

Is it possible to learn a new language through watching TV?

Can you learn a language only from TV? Learning languages in only in a classroom environment or by using one textbook can be really boring. With the rise in online lessons and multimedia language learning tools during the pandemic, learning a language through TV certainly is a possible method. A note on methods Various language learning methods should complement each

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Hi, I'm Lindie!

I’m a UI/UX designer and YouTuber exploring the intersection of languages and design. I’m currently working on language apps like Skritter and Kaards.

I have learned over 8 languages to varying degrees and enjoy mentoring self-study learners to success through proven methods and balanced mindsets.

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