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This year, I'm learning 12 languages.

With the right mindset and some simple techniques, anyone can learn multiple languages, regardless of how busy they are.

Join me on my polyglot journey as I study multiple languages and show you how you can do it, too!

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How I’m learning Hungarian: my method and speaking update

Long time no see, Hungarian! It’s been almost 2 years since my original Hungarian videos on Youtube. I took a long pause from Hungarian – it was a tricky language and I wanted to focus my efforts fully

Rethink your language goals: 3 language learning goal mistakes and how to set better goals

There’s so much info out there! There’s so much language learning content online. Who should you listen to? Whose example do you follow? Does not performing as well as people you see online mean you’re a bad language

Celebrating the voices of Women in Language Learning: WIL conference is here!

Come join Women in Language! This weekend, the annual online Women in Language conference is back!Day one is halfway underway as I write this post and it’s been amazing already. Women in Language is an online conference with livestreams of

French study

My weekly study routine for Intermediate French learning

Pakistani origins & my dormant French green monsters is where it began Learning French has always been something strictly scholarly for me – I’ve taken French at school since I can remember… like, even back in Grade 1

How I passed the Korean TOPIK 2 exam on my first try (with results reveal!)

TOPIK results day Last week, the TOPIK Korean exam results came out. For some silly reason, they aren’t accessible via Macbook or any mobile device. I had to call my mom so she could screenshare from her Windows

Korean exam tips

Best tips for getting a high score in TOPIK 2 Korean exam

Deciding to take the TOPIK exam After years of wondering if I should do it or not, I finally took the Korean proficiency exam yesterday. My motivation was purely to have a challenge that would force me to

🎥 Weekly language videos

My channel is packed with language learning methods, app and book reviews, conversations with polyglots, tips on maintaining languages, and my process and struggles 👀 

Weekly language learning videos

My channel is packed with language learning tips, study methods, conversations with inspiring polyglots, tips on maintaining languages, app reviews and more 👀 

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