Language tutoring

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Who is it for?

Anyone who…

  • wants to learn a new language
  • brush up on an old one
  • wants someone to keep them accountable
  • needs speaking practice

I have 9 years experience teaching foreign languages, and I’d love to help you with exciting, personalised lessons or a language coaching session to analyze your methods and come up with a plan for success.

langauge mentoring

Sessions for us to work on achieving language goals, organizing your plans and finding the best resources. Also a session for those who want to book a session with me to talk about anything.


Choose between Beginner to intermediate personalised lessons or TOPIK 1 exam preparation. 


Choose between Beginner to intermediate personalised lessons or JLPT N5 to N3 exam preparation. 


Beginner to advanced lessons, including lots of conversation practice and custom-made resources.


Beginner to advanced
한국말로도 영어를 가르쳐 드립니다.



$ 50 per session (USD)
  • Personalised language consulting (50min)
  • A custom study plan for you based on your goals
  • Resources and study methods so you can succeed
  • A guidebook and worksheets for you to track your goals and progress


$ 35 per session (USD)
  • Tutoring sessions on Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom (50min)
  • Open to anyone around the world
  • Customised lessons based on your needs
  • Lessons, explanation notes worksheets and homework on Google Docs


S$ 50 per hour (SGD)
  • One-on-one lessons (1hr)
  • At a spot close to us both
  • Personalised worksheets and lessons

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What to expect

All materials are designed by me and are personalized to your needs, whether you would like to focus on reading, writing, speaking, or have a holistic language learning experience.

Our first lesson is in the form of a level test so I can know how best to teach you in the following levels. Nothing to be nervous about – we usually have a conversation if we can, and then do some basic vocabulary and phrases to see how far you are in the language.

Then the lessons start! My lessons have example conversations that we read together, so you can be sure your pronunciation will improve quickly. Each conversation has accompanying vocabulary and grammar structures which we will go through in depth. I give you ample time to practice speaking and reading during the lesson. At the end, you’ll get some activities to do for the next lesson.