Language mentoring & chats

With 9 years language tutoring experience and many more years of self-studying multiple languages, I’ve tried and tested the best language learning methods out there.

Not sure where to begin?

Overwhelmed by the language journey that lies ahead? No fear! Let me help you streamline what works and how you can use resources properly to save you time and help you reach your goals faster. Let’s work together to come up with a language plan for success! 

Language mentoring

Let me guide you through the language learning process and create a custom study plan with you. We start with discovering the most effective methods for you, find the best resources for your language(s) and set effective, measurable goals. Work together to keep you accountable towards your goals and to set up a plan for success.
+ a personalised language mentoring guidebook with language resource lists, schedule templates and worksheets!
For anyone who…

– doesn’t know where to begin learning a language
– can’t decide on a language to learn
– needs help structuring their time
– is overwhelmed by resources
– needs someone to keep them accountable
Casual chat

Given the amount of messages I receive online on a daily basis, it’s difficult for me to reply to everyone, although I really would love to. If you’d like personal advice, this is a great opportunity for you to contact me and ask me anything!

For anyone who…

– has specific questions that can’t be answered in a short email
– wants to ask about my language learning routines
– would like 1 on 1 focus to discuss language-related issues, resources or topics

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