Afrikaans resources

A regularly-updated list of language resources to help kickstart your studies.

Courses and apps

Mondly Afrikaans
Learn Afrikaans with Master Ling – goes up to expert level and includes audio!
Afrikaans courses on Memrise
Easy Afrikaans
Clozemaster for intermediate learners
Unofficial Afrikaans course made by someone in the Duolingo Forum
If you are able to contribute to an official Afrikaans tree on Duolingo, you can sign up on the Duolingo incubator.

Content in Afrikaans
Maroela Media – South African news in Afrikaans
RSG Radio portal for entertainment, lifestyle, news etc
Oorsprong van Afrikaans (origin of Afrikaans; page in Afrikaans)
Resource list compiled by
Alexander Skryf Afrikaans – A British guy blogging in Afrikaans
A cool poem in both Afrikaans and English
Dutch, Afrikaans and Frisian linguistics portal
VIVA Virtual Institution for Afrikaans
Afrikaans on Wikitongues

Magazines and newspapers
Vrouekeur magazine
Sarie magazine
Rooi Rose magazine
Facebook page of Idees Tydskrif (for crafts)
Huisgenoot magazine
Rapport newspaper
Huisgenoot magazine

Afrikaans movies (trailers)
Pad na jou hart
Vir Altyd
Semi soet

Afrikaans YouTube
KykNet TV (Afrikaans TV channel)
Katinka Oosthuizen vlogger

Note of caution: I would like to warn against Afrikaanspod101 on YouTube. The person presenting the lessons is not a native speaker and there are quite a few mistakes.

Afrikaans on Twitter
Afrikaanse Taalraad
eNuus Afrikaans news
Huisgenoot lifestyle magazine
Karlien van Jaarsveld (singer)
Afrikaans is Groot (music)

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