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Life updates and a new support channel

Not gonna lie… it’s been the worst month. 🥲 Car hijacking and mom’s health A month ago, my car was broken into and hotwired. The

Restarting Arabic and overcoming my fears

How I’m re-learning Arabic and getting over my fear of speaking to strangers even as a beginner. I took about 3 years of Arabic classes in middle school when I lived in Dubai. As such, we learned Gulf Arabic. It was exciting but I didn’t spend as much effort on it than I would now. After all, it was before language learning was even a hobby for me.

Arirang TV A Plus feature

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve had the opportunity to be featured as the second KOREATOR on Arirang A Plus. A Plus is an

Why did I move to Singapore?

I fell in love with Singapore in 2015. When I was in university, I discovered The Sam Willows online. They’re a Singaporean band and I

How I set up my planner for 2019

With 2019 around the corner, it’s time to sort out our lives for a fresh start. Have you been consistent in using a bullet journal

Why am I a Christian?

Why do I believe? I’m a Christian because I have experienced God working in my life, doing miracles and helping me grow. I’m a Christian

What is a TCK?

TCK is short for Third Culture Kid. TCKs are people who grew up outside of the country or culture of their nationality. I grew up

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