About Lindie

Photograph by Wesley Poon

About Lindie
I am forever learning and constantly on the move, looking for new adventures and learning about cultures around me. I started learning foreign languages as a young girl living in Pakistan and Dubai. Upon returning to South Africa, I started taking languages more seriously and in 2009 my lifelong journey into Asian languages took flight. I’m an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ and aim to motivate and inspire language learners to reach their dreams. I now live and work in Singapore.

Interviews and podcasts
The Fluent Show Podcast
Cosmopolitan South Africa
Nee’s Language blog interview
Korean interview on KOCCA
Our Friends on my Japanese poster designs

Coming soon:
Aussie English podcast interview
Alex Rawlings podcast interview
Actual Fluency podcast interview

Public speaking
Presentation on language learning strategies at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Pretoria, South Africa
2013: Invited for a second presentation on language learning at the Department of Foreign Affairs’ language laboratory
2019: Speaker at Women In Language online seminar

Television and YouTube
Arirang TV: Travel Story Ep 1
KykNet TV: eNuus interview (Afrikaans)
Portrait of a Polyglot documentary by filmmaker Michael Nel
5 Minute Language chat podcast with Azren The Language Nerd

News and blog features
Joy of Languages: 50 Extraordinary Women In Language
Teach Yourself + IWTYAL Short Stories Collaboration
Japanese Language Learning Hacks feature
Babbel Magazine
Hungarian news articles: 1 2 3

Photograph by Ryo Kitamura

5 thoughts on “About Lindie

  1. Hey Lindie. Are you shipping your products to germany? Im in love with the notebooks btw

  2. Lindie,

    Thank you for inspiring me to carry on learning languages. Many years ago, I started with French, but felt forced to stop once I went to grad school. Even before that, I had tried Japanese, but also had had to drop out because of work. I feel like I have found useful tips to carry on, without more excuses. Thank you.

  3. Hey lindie I’m a big fan
    I was wondering if you did a university degree if so what degree did you do if you don’t mind me asking. The reason why I’m asking is I’m going to start university soon and I want to pick a language as my degree and your my role model so I was wondering what you did.
    Thank you

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