What went down in November with my languages

How it went with my languages in November

Here’s a quick post about my language progress over the month of October 2022. 

I studied a total of 11 hours and 50 minutes of Thai on Preply in November. (You can use code LINDIE50 if you want 50% off your first trial lesson, by the way!). I started learning Thai on 27 September. I went to Bangkok for a week and was able to use my Thai! I could help myself ask for directions, order food, and make small conversation with locals. I also did a video with Polyglot Grace where we chat in Thai for a little while – but keep in mind I am still a total beginner so the conversation is pretty basic. In Thailand I bought myself the Thai for Beginners book and might continue to learn if I have time next year. 

As for Hungarian, I still stuck to my routine of writing a few lines in in my 3-year diary most days. I want to see how I progress over the years, so I just write something about my day each day. I have to be fully honest though, I skipped a few days when I was in Thailand as I did not bring my journal with me, so now I have lots of catching up to do. 

I also booked a ton of new lessons for Hungarian on italki now that my Thai has slowly come to an end (I achieve my goal of being able to help myself in Thailand) and now my full focus for the coming months and next year is to improve my Hungarian. My brother bought me the MagyarOK book series in Hungary (!!!) and I am going to start using it very soon.

French was a language I just thought about a lot but did not act on. I really want to improve my French in 2023 since I feel I have regressed a lot to A2 or B1 level, even after having taken the B2 DELF exam many years ago. I am going to commit to watching more French TV next year to learn through immersion, and use my book series. By the way, did you know this is the same textbook series that Emily uses in Emily in Paris? I just thought that was a funny coincidence. I also just bought Complete French Grammar and will be working through that.

Afrikaans, my home language, is another language I want to focus on creating content for next year. Did you know I have an Afrikaans YouTube channel called Afrikaans with Lindie? I really need to update it. I also finally edited an old video (from my short hair days) where my mom and I went around Singapore to find Afrikaans words. Check it out below!




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