October language learning recap

How it went with my languages in October

Here’s a quick post about my language progress over the month of October 2022. 

I studied a total of 13.5 hours of Thai in October. I started learning Thai on 27 September. Slowly but steadily I am making progress with speaking and listening, although my writing and reading is lagging behind a little bit. I paid for a Banana Thai course (it was expensive but so worth it) and so far I’m 24% done with the online course. I love that they have audio recaps at the end, and the lady who runs Banana Thai also has a podcast on Spotify which I listen to often.

Arabic was refreshed a little after I watched Bling Dubai on Netflix and realized just how much vocabulary I remember from learning Arabic while living there! I was surprised at how much was still somewhere in my brain. Still can’t speak fluidly, though! Arabic will always be a hurdle for me and I want to kick myself each time I think about the great opportunity I had in high school to learn Arabic for 3 years and I just gave up after that…

As for Hungarian, every day I stuck to my routine of writing a few lines in in my 3-year diary. I want to see how I progress over the years, so I just write something about my day each day. Sometimes I use English if I don’t know the word on the spot, and once or twice I might “cheat” and use Google Translate, but this is all part of the learning process for me and it helps me be able to write more.

This photo below is from my language journal for Thai where I set up some daily tasks to do. So far so good, except that I skipped 3 days because I got sick. I think it’s important to slow down and take rests and skip some language learning days if you feel unwell! 




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