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Lindie Botes

I'm a South African designer and language YouTuber with a passion for foreign languages. I aim to inspire, motivate and guide you in your journey to learn new languages!
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How to get started writing in a new language: 112 writing

Not sure what to write about when you need to practice writing in a new language?

I have lovingly written a comprehensive, 16-page guide with prompts and tips that will set you on the right track to start writing.

Regardless of which level you are in the language(s) you’re learning, this guide will be useful as it’s packed with 112 writing prompts and activities, writing tips, a 7-step guide to success, and resources that will help you get the most out of your writing.

What you'll get

– Background information on the importance of writing in a foreign language
– Tips for writing if you’re not just ready yet
– A 7-step guide to writing long-form pieces in a new language
– 112 writing activities and writing prompts for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of any language
– Information on the relationship between writing and other language skills
– Resources and ideas on where to get corrections on your writing
– A discount code to book a personalized language coaching call with me to discuss your writing or general language learning methods

Members of my Language Club get this resource and more for free!

You can get this PDF and more for free on my language club, and be part of an awesome Discord community where we share our progress, practice languages, study together and more. As a language club member, you’ll also have access to behind the scenes content, and be entitled to a FREE 30 minute language coaching call with me. 

Looking for more inspiration?

Get motivated and learn new techniques with my regularly uploaded language learning videos!

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