Language goals review – Q3 and September updates

Q3 summary

The third quarter of the year is done and time sure flies! I set some high level goals for June to September and today I spent time going through how the past few months went. 

I also did a monthly review for September, and now I’ll think about my goals for Q4.

Overall, I spent more time on Hungarian this year (which is a good and exciting thing) and I feel a little lost thinking about what I’ll do in the next few months. A part of me feels like taking it day by day, but I also know it’s important to have some kind of a framework for me to track my progress by if I want to stay motivated.

Q3 hour counts

Hungarian: 11H22M
French: 8H30M
Spanish: 4H45M
Korean: 2H4M

All of these amounts exclude passive learning like listening to podcasts, watching content or chatting to people. These hours mainly consist of active studying and italki lessons.

Video: The goals I set for September

September language goals review

Goal: Take 3 Hungarian italki lessons
Result: I did 4! My tutor said I’ve been improving a lot and it feels good to finally be making progress in a very difficult language.

Goal: Review chapters 1-3 in my Tagalog textbook
Result: Unfortunately I didn’t have time for this. I was focusing on Hungarian and updating my design portfolio, so Tagalog fell to the back of my list. That’s life!

Goal: Start 101 Conversations in Simple Spanish book
Result: Just in time before the month end, I started reading it this week and am already a few chapters in. I really enjoyed Olly’s explanations about intensive and extensive reading and I’m trying to read the book extensively instead of focusing on each word I don’t understand.

Goal: Go to Spanish language exchange at least 2 times
Result: This was impossible because Singapore suddenly got a lot of new cases and we are only allowed to dine out in groups of 2. We could manage previously at language exchange with socially distancing within groups of 5, but unfortunately all Spanish events were cancelled this month 🥲

Overall Q3 memorable moments

  • Featured on the Speakly podcast where I had a delightful conversation about why people fail to learn languages and what our tips are, with the founder, Ott. I learnt a lot from him!
  • My Android phone kept breaking and I couldn’t use my apps well. I finally, for the first time in my life, bought an iPhone and using language apps has been much smoother!
  • After months of having it on my to-do list, I started the 101 Conversations in Simple Spanish book!
  • I can feel myself getting better in Hungarian day by day, even though it is still a challenge. I had my first ever in-person conversation (as in, not via video call or online) with a new Hungarian friend in Singapore. He was also so kind to give me 3 Hungarian novels via a teacher of his who happened to watch my videos. Now I have some advanced Hungarian content to try and dive into in the next few…years probably!
  • Started doing freelance UX consulting at my favorite Chinese learning app, Skritter! (Use code CHINESEWITHLINDIE if you’d like to try it out!)
  • Consistently sent out my Monthly Language Roundup newsletters and hit 1600 subscribers in just 4 months! Thank you everyone!
  • Bought an intermediate+ Korean vocabulary book after recognizing that I am comfortable at speaking but lacking more wide vocabulary knowledge
  • Took time off Instagram and Twitter to relax and refocus my life, and it feels good!

What’s next?

It’s already the 2nd of October, but I will take my time to think about what I want to achieve in the next 3 months of 2021. I’ll update my progress here and on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments what your goals are, and if you’d like to see a video version of this review, or a video of my upcoming goals. Thanks for reading!




7 responses to “Language goals review – Q3 and September updates”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Hi Lindie! I really admire you for your dedication and commitment. I’ve started and stopped with two languages (Spanish and Japanese) over the past 25 years or so, but for the past 4+ years I’ve been all in with Italian, feels good to see my progress!
    I’ve got a question…I see you keep language journals…what exactly are you writing in them? Whatever strikes your fancy? Odds and ends? Structured grammar points/exercises? I tried to find a video of yours dedicated to the journals but I couldn’t find one…forgive me if I missed it! It seems like a helpful resource to have and I think it would help me to do it with Italian but I’m not sure how to organize it?
    Thank you!

    1. Lindie Botes Avatar

      Hi Melissa, thanks for the comment! If you haven’t watched the video I attached, I go into precise detail there about what I write in them. I also have another video on my channel about it too. You can just search “language journal” on my channel and the two videos will pop up. Hope it helps!

      1. Melissa Avatar

        Thank you so much for humoring my “mom brain”…I had scrolled through your video uploads on YouTube and didn’t think to do a specific search! I am about to watch the video above which I probably should have done before commenting, my apologies!
        I’m really hoping to finally cross over into advanced-level Italian, and I think being a little more organized with my studies will help. Your language journey is so inspiring and you give off such a positive energy, I’m so glad you’re putting it out there for all of us to enjoy and learn from. ♡

      2. Melissa Avatar

        Oops, I should have written language *notebook* rather than language *journal*! But, after searching in your YouTube channel, I see you have a few videos talking about that as well so I’ll check them out.
        I feel like I’m all over the place with my Italian, which has caused me to plateau and lose motivation…and I think a better-organized method will help me to feel less overwhelmed. Thanks again!

  2. Karmen Keith Avatar
    Karmen Keith

    Hi Lindie, I am Karmen and I started studying Korean 3 years ago and I just added German to study as well. I took it in college years ago but couldn’t keep up with it in class, but now I am taking my time and relearning it so I can remember it long term. I wanted to say thank you for tips and advice and I hope you have a good day!

  3. Elise Avatar

    Hi, Lindie. I’ve read your blogs and watched your Youtube videos for several months. And I like your content and your way of thinking. I am your super fan !!!
    I can’t wait to see a video version of this review and your upcoming goals. I think they are inspiring and interesting!
    (I am Chinese and I am a sophomore. My major is translation and interpreting. But my English level is about B1, which is quite low. I need to enhance my English ability and your videos and blogs are always my favorite. Hope you can know that you help me a lot. Thank you for your sharing. Love you always!)

  4. David Kirlew-Morris Avatar
    David Kirlew-Morris

    Hi Lindie. I only recently found out about you, but I’m a big fan already. You obviously have a real talent for languages and it’s a special ability to learn multiple languages at once!

    I don’t think my brain could handle learning more than one – at least at the moment. I’ve been learning Spanish since part way through last year and my long term goal is to be fluent (C1/C2 on the European framework).

    I don’t have much money for lessons, etc. Instead, my primary tool is Duolingo. I also use Memrise on a daily basis. As well as both of them, I participate in language classes and exchanges on Discord and read Spanish language news.

    I try to fit in as much learning as I can each day, but I’m very busy so that amount I do can vary.

    Would you recommend that I try to do a fixed amount of learning each day? Are there any other free resources that you’d recommend?

    At the moment, my plan is to only spend money for a CEFR compliant exam and maybe some formal lessons beforehand.

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