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How I’m learning Hungarian: my method and speaking update

Long time no see, Hungarian!

It’s been almost 2 years since my original Hungarian videos on Youtube. I took a long pause from Hungarian – it was a tricky language and I wanted to focus my efforts fully on Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese at the time.

Now, I’m fully back into the swing of learning Hungarian! I take Hungarian lessons on italki each Monday, and I’ve dedicated Mondays and Thursdays to learning Hungarian.

My Hungarian schedule

What I do on those days
1. Only listen to Hungarian music (throughout the day)
2. Listen to Hungarian podcasts (throughout the day)
3. Follow some audio lessons on Bluebird (20min)
4. Prepare sentences to use to speak to my tutor (10min)
5. Have my Hungarian lesson (45min) and review the words and phrases we learnt after the lesson (20mins)

I find that a lot of auditory immersion and writing has been good for me to progress.

Practicing my speaking and making lots of mistakes! (Video)

Why I write so much

I remember words better when I learn them in the context of a sentence I’m likely to use in daily life.

When I learn new words from various sources (tutoring conversations, podcasts, netflix, music, books, word lists, apps) I try my best to write the word down WITH an example sentence. 📝

Studying words related to a single topic had been useful to me too. Last italki lesson I had, we learnt words related to a house/apartment. After that, I wrote an essay about my house using the words I learnt. It’s more effective for me to remember how to say “my new pink carpet is under my bed” instead of using flashcards to memorize “new” “pink” “carpet” “under” and “bed” as single words.

Full sentences primes you for speaking

Writing full sentences also prepares me for speaking because I already have the word order correct and can just replace nouns or verbs with other words. 🤩

It’s also important to get corrections! I read my essay to my tutor and they correct my mistakes for me. This way, I learn faster too – simply having a spelling test or getting translations of words right or wrong won’t get me far. I’d rather know if my whole sentence and grammar is right or wrong.

If you don’t have a tutor, you can get corrections for your sentences on HiNative, HelloTalk, Tandem, italki community pages, or even Twitter or Instagram. Just make friends and ask around!

Baby steps

Hungarian is difficult but I know with baby steps and lots of time, I’ll reach an intermediate level soon. For now, I’ll keep immersing myself in listening and speaking practice, with some grammar and vocabulary exercises on the side.

Are you learning Hungarian too? What are your methods? Drop a comment belo!

More Hungarian videos (Playlist)

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3 Responses

  1. Ügyes vagy! Hungarian is really hard to learn, but you are great!

    I’d like to ask you why do you prefer italki over verbling?

    Thx, Tamás (Hungary)

  2. You always make me feel motivated and brave to keep going, i thank you so much. I am also learning multiple languages but i wanna speak very well in at least 4 languages and the rest of my languages i just wanna know how to write, read and understand because i can’t breathe without languages around me. I really appreciate you.

  3. Every time I see you are learning Hungarian, I think you are learning Italian. LOL. The same colors of the flag, I’m currently learning Italian and love it –

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