Celebrating the voices of Women in Language Learning: WIL conference is here!

Come join Women in Language!

This weekend, the annual online Women in Language conference is back!
Day one is halfway underway as I write this post and it’s been amazing already.

Women in Language is an online conference with livestreams of women around the world talking about all things language learning. The live chats are engaging, the speakers are fascinating, and the things you learn will stay with you forever. 

We’re only half a day in and we’ve laughed and cried together. The talks today are about heritage languages, various levels of bilingualism, how to teach children multiple languages, accent acquisition and finding your voice in another language.

It’s not too late for a ticket

If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, don’t worry – it’s not too late!

– All of the talks will be available FOREVER, so you can access today’s talks and all the new ones whenever you want
– There are still 3 days left of fascinating language talks from women of all ages and backgrounds in the language community
– Men are absolutely welcome to join!

Get your ticket here for live access to the speeches & chats, language exchange sessions!

Join the fun

Inspirational quotes from the conference

People might say “I am so sad my parents never taught me their home language” but no one has said “I wish my parents never taught me their language”

– Gabriela Simmons

There are things you can only feel in certain languages.
– Desta Haile

“Connection for me comes from a culture, whether it’s movies, films, food or culture. It’s the easiest way to connect. Where to start learning a heritage language? Find a friend who you can trade languages with so you don’t feel 100% useless! You can both teach each other something in a trade situation”
– Desta Haile

1. Awesome women & gender non-binary folks talking about their experiences and language learning methods? CHECK.
2. Fascinating talks to learn from? YOU BET
3. Tips and stories from experts? YEP!
4. Language exchange speakeasy sessions? WOOHOO
5. Open to anyone? YES!

You can also see the schedule for the next few days here.

See you there!

We are kicking off at Women in Language 2020 in just half an hour!

Here’s the full conference schedule. Our speakers @estherciganda @Timtimtombooks @DialectsNow Lucrezia Oddon and panelists Marissa and @langthrumus are looking forward to presenting to you today. pic.twitter.com/Bi2s0hcQwA

— womeninlanguage (@womeninlanguage) September 17, 2020




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