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Beginner Korean textbook review – Korean For All

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Korean for All - great for beginners

Korean for all by Soo Kim is hot off the press!  This textbook is a really cute, new book perfect for beginners. I got this book in the mail last week and I wish I had it 10 years ago when I started learning… back then we didn’t have fun books like this, so consider yourself lucky if you’re just starting out in Korean! (This book is brand spanking new, like June 2020 new)

Use code LINDIE for $2 discount on the ebook or physical book at www.sooandcarrots.com.

Who is it for?

This textbook is for anyone starting out with Korean, whether you don’t know how to read and write yet or if you can already have a basic self-introduction conversation. The content is quite Korean-life focused, so it’s especially good for people who are planning to study or live in Korea (or currently do!). 

It starts by teaching hangul, the Korean writing system. I do suggest using other sources to practice hangul too because the book doesn’t teach you how to write it in terms of the stroke order – so be sure to supplement it with other resources! 

You can expect to be at an upper beginner level after finishing this book and you’ll be ready to move on to an intermediate textbook. After using this book, you’ll be able to order food, talk about your future wishes, use the past tense, tell the time, state commands or suggestions, and ask for and follow directions, among other things. 

Pros and cons

The good stuff!
  1. Simple, colourful and easy-to understand content for beginners
  2. Hangul chart in the beginning so you can learn how to read and write first
  3. Culture notes (dating in Korea, KPOP, Korean age, lookism in Korea etc) to get deeper insight into Korean life
  4. Plenty of space to write in the activities; good if you’re still working on your handwriting! 
  5. Content is relevant to daily life with lots of examples (ordering food, directions, talking about plans, asking the time, past tense, negations and aspirations)
  6. Language is natural so you definitely won’t sound like a robot if you use the sentences in the book
  7. Accompanying YouTube channel with vids to use with the book
What could be better...
  1. Paper quality – compared to most textbooks out there, this textbook’s paper is not as strong and the printing is a bit grainy.
  2. Activities are quite short so you might speed through – but this is good you get overwhelmed easily hehe 
  3. Some English sentences in the culture notes sound a bit awkward 
  4. It’s a pretty standard Korean book, so don’t expect to learn anything vastly different from other beginner books out there. But even though the content is standard, the design and colors are engaging and pretty 🙂 

Book structure

  1. Illustration with 2 dialogues
  2. Words and expressions related to the dialogue
  3. Grammar notes
  4. Activities to test what you learnt 
  5. Mini test for each chapter
  6. Culture and expressions
  7. Related vocabulary lists 

Get $2 off the paperback or ebook!

For readers of this blog, you can get $2 off your purchase of the ebook or paperback book if you use the discount code “LINDIE” on sooandcarrots.com. Just click on “have a coupon?” in the checkout. Happy Korean learning!

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  1. Ah thank you for this review! I really like the way that you’ve set it up and explained it! By the way, what level is your Korean and roughly how often do you study?

  2. I was intrigued by your review and looked at Soo’s Instagram and YouTube accounts. I used your coupon and bought the E-Book. I love the colourful design and I am going to restart my Korean studies with this book. Thank you for your review Lindie!

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