My Spanish experience with the Lingoda Marathon

What’s Lingoda?

Lingoda is an online Language School where you can study English, German, Spanish, French and Business English from beginner to advanced. The instructors are qualified teachers who are native speakers. You take classes online, learn from anywhere at any time with wifi. Personally, I took a lot of my lessons in my pyjamas lying in bed – it was so unique and comfortable! For those of you who are camera shy, don’t worry! The teachers keep their cameras on but students need not show their faces at all.

What’s the Lingoda Marathon?
The Lingoda Language Marathon is a 3-month challenge where you study every single day and make an impact on your fluency.

There are two types of Marathons:
The Full Marathon: you take one class a day for three months (100% refund)
The Half Marathon: you take 15 classes a month for three months (50% refund)

If you are keen to participate in the marathon, register before the 19th of September 2019. The Marathon starts on September 23, 2019 and lasts until December 21, 2019. Keep reading till the end because there’s a discount code for you!

My experience with Lingoda

I decided to take the Half Marathon. I started out as a complete beginner, but with my background in French, Spanish was not too difficult to catch on to. As someone who previously said I’d never lean Spanish because I found it boring, I completely swallowed my words and started falling in love with the language.

I enjoyed the group lessons, meeting fellow learners and engaging with friendly, helpful native teachers. I’ve been self-studying languages for years and it was such a welcome change to be in a virtual classroom environment. Some of my favorite moments are when instructors made fellow students and I create our own situational dialogues. We came up with such funny, crazy situations! That’s definitely a way to make a language stick – by laughing!

More than 15,000 people have participated in 5 Lingoda Marathons in the past 3 years. For many it has transformed their lives, helping them get a new job, make life-changing friendships and even study or work in another country. I can say this is true for myself as well. I’ve never progressed so quickly in a foreign language yet. The pace is fast, the teachers are fantastic, and the lesson content is engaging, useful and challenging.

But don’t just listen to me – other students have shared their experiences with the Lingoda team and you can check it out on their website. I would also like to encourage you to visit their Instagram profile for more inspiring stories! Lingoda also has a useful blog with articles about language learning. I’ve learnt quite a few new Spanish words from their blog too!

Pros and Cons of the Lingoda Marathon

– Unique PDF lessons that teachers go through each class. You can download the lesson materials beforehand to prepare yourself for the lesson too.

– Group environment: it’s fun to engage with other students at your own level and learn from the talents and mistakes of others.

– Ability to book lessons with any teacher at various times. I took lessons before work in the mornings or at night on weekdays, or anytime on a weekend. The flexibility is something you won’t get from a traditional classroom setting.

– No need to take the lessons in order! I hate learning numbers and I specifically chose to skip lessons with numbness until I was mentally ready for it. Although there’s a set curriculum you can follow, you won’t be punished for jumping around and signing up for lessons you feel like doing!

– Spanish only environment: I can count on one hand the number of times the instructors used English. It’s an excellent way to get immersed in a language when your instructor only speaks it!
– I only realised later that it’s possible to change your level during the marathon. I got comfortable with A1 about halfway through the marathon and only later did I figure out I could change to A2.

– Not easy to stick with one tutor. Because of timezones and availability of certain tutors, it’s hard to stay with one instructor the whole time. On the one hand it makes it fun to learn from different people, but it’s hard when you’ve grown to like a certain teacher and can’t always attend their lessons.

– No private lessons if you’re participating in the Marathon. Marathon lessons are group-based, which can be intimidating for some, but remember that there’s always the option for private lessons outside of the Marathon!

Last call to register for the Lingoda Marathon!

Due to high demand, Lingoda has extended the marathon registration period – registrations now close on the 19th of September 2019. This time around, there’s no entry fee and your payment goes immediately towards your first month! The payment for the 2nd and 3rd month will be charged in the following months.

How to get your money back:
For participants of the Full Marathon: if you attend all 30 classes, one a day for 3 months, Lingoda will give you all of your money back for the full Marathon! For Half Marathon students, you are eligible for a 50% refund if you successfully commit 15 classes per month during 3 months.

How to participate in the Marathon:
To participate and secure your spot, you need to pay the price for the first month and other 2 payments will be charged automatically. Payment 2 – October 16; and payment 3 – November 15. Lingoda will refund your tuition fee in full if you follow the contest rules in the terms and conditions.

We love a discount!

For readers of my blog, you can use my voucher code TALK88 to get 10 (US$11) off your first month’s payment. Spots are limited, so be sure to secure a place soon. Don’t miss the last Lingoda Marathon promotion!

Use this link to register and be sure to use the voucher code.

Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions carefully to get familiar with Marathon rules. As always, I’m happy to answer your questions too, so feel free to email me through the contact form on this website, or slide into my Instagram DM’s! 😊

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored blog post. All opinions remain my own.




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