See you at Polyglot Conference 2019!

Hello, friends!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at this year’s Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka, Japan. The conference runs from 18 to 20 October 2019. You can buy tickets and get more information here.

I’d like to share with you the outline of my topic:

Holistic language learning through cultural immersion and culture shock: stories from a Third Culture Kid

Having lived in six countries and having studied around 10 languages, I find it difficult to pinpoint an identity for myself when my passport country doesn’t encapsulate how I feel inside. As a Third Culture Kid, I’ve learnt that the languages and cultures I encounter each contribute to forming a unique identity. I’ve also learnt that language learning is much more than just sitting in a class and learning vocabulary – it’s learning a new culture and a different way of thinking. How then can we best approach learning a language if we’re not in the country? Or if we’ve lived in so many, what do we do when we’re confused or lost?

In my talk, I’ll go through the timeline of countries I’ve lived in and the list of languages I’ve learnt, with a specific focus on Asian languages and their unique cultures. I’ll focus on how important cultural immersion and sensitivity is in learning a new language. One can sit in a classroom with a textbook and a teacher for years but never learn a language to fluency, or still appear like a foreigner despite one’s level of fluency. I’ll also help attendees understand that you don’t need to travel to a country to learn its culture as there are excellent platforms, language exchange portals and ways to bring the culture to your doorstep to assist in your fluency.

You can expect stories about culture shock, the ups and downs of language YouTube, and embarrassing linguistic and cultural moments ranging from almost being sold off for camels in the UAE to possibly compromising my future through an awkward video of mine that went viral in Korea.

That’s it! I’ll keep the rest of the content a surprise – you’ll have to see me there or watch the YouTube recording after the conference if you can’t make it. I’m super keen to meet all my polyglot inspirations in person. I’ve been following notable polyglots like Richard Simcott for years, I’ve watched a lot of Bong Sou’s videos, and I’ve always wanted to meet MissLinguistic to name a few. Here’s the speaker list for 2019! I also know a lot of you who follow my blog will be there too! Here’s to a wonderful Polyglot Conference – the first in Asia! See you there!

In the mean time, feel free to check out my videos on YouTube, Tweet me, or ask me anything on my Tumblr.

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