How I take notes (cram) for JLPT N3

So it’s only a few days before the big test, everyone! I made a video yesterday about how I take notes and pretty much cram for the test. I’m not focusing on listening as in all my practice tests, listening is the best aspect, but I really do need to work on vocabulary and Kanji. As I’ve mentioned many times before, just making lists of words won’t help, but learning the vocabulary word or Kanji in context of its meaning is very useful.

For that reason, I’ve made a color coding system for my notebook and it helps me easily distinguish between the words, their meanings, and example sentences.

1. Kakao Friends Neo Garden ring bound notebook (vocabulary)
2. Thin Muji A5 brown notebook (from a pack of 5 with different colored spines)

The Nihongo 500-mon book, and my Kakao Friends notebook for vocab

Stationery & Color coding system
Black pens (Muji 0.35, 0.5 and Daiso pens) = Kanji and kana
Blue pens (Muji 0.35 and 0.5) = Word meanings
Pink pen (Muji Sarasara click pen) = Example sentences
Yellow marker = Highlighting words I still need to memorize after reviewing once

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 09.44.57

1. Do the example test in the 日本語500問 book
2. Turn the page and see if I did it right
3. Check if there are any new words, especially if I got the question wrong
4. Highlight or underline the word in the book
5. If there are grammar explanations, write the grammar in a separate notebook
6. If there are new vocab words, write them using the system above into a larger vocabulary notebook
7. Review regularly and highlight using yellow if I still need to get the word in my long-term memory

Other notes
I mark the pages in my test practice book with sticky notes. One note is for where I need to summarize from (meaning put new words or grammar explanations into my notebooks), and the other note means I still need to highlight words to be put into the book later.

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 09.46.35

That’s about it for now, because I should probably get back to studying.
Good luck to all of you taking the exam this Sunday! 🙂




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  2. Akylina Avatar

    I wish you the best of luck! I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours 😉 Much love from Greece ♥

    1. Lindie Botes Avatar

      Thank you so much girl!!

  3. Lindie Botes Avatar

    I keep them unless they’re ancient and really ugly, haha. I still have things to learn if I page through them!

  4. Fidton Avatar

    Hi. How did you come up with your way of studying?

    1. Lindie Botes Avatar

      Hi! I think I just played around with various techniques and found what works for me. I’m a visual and auditory learner, so I learn well from rewriting notes a lot, hence the note-heavy approach.

  5. Hamsini Avatar

    It’s overwhelming to not know where to start! All I’ve been doing is search which is literally the 1st ever vedio I should watch to know where to start learning Japanese and it gets me confused on what channels give out authentic, credible and free info?
    Minna no nihongo has multiple 1st lesson chapters and I’m nervous if I mixed up the flow or anything! Plis help me out T_T Arigatou gozamashtha :3

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